Louisa Johnson, who was crowned this year’s ‘X-Factor’ winner on Sunday, may have had some past music industry experience it has been claimed. Two professional-looking music videos featuring the 17-year-old have recently resurfaced online, showing the ‘X-Factor’ winner performing two songs, ‘Go’ and ‘Lately’.

X-Factor winner Louisa JohnsonLouisa Johnson was crowned this year’s ‘X-Factor’ winner on Sunday.

In the professionally shot videos Johnson can be heard belting out the songs, with her famous powerhouse vocals, which assured her victory in the ITV talent show on Sunday. Johnson, from Essex, is the show’s youngest ever winner at just 17-years-old.

It’s also been claimed by MailOnline, that Johnson has been trained for stardom since she was just seven-years-old by a management team. Johnson is said to have worked with the the Urban Edge theatre school for years, which was founded by former football agent Stevie Watts and his wife vocal coach, Katie Watts.

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“My wife Katie is a vocal coach doing a lot of work in Essex,” Stevie said during a recent interview. “She gets a lot of talented kids coming her way, and she’s been looking after an outstanding talent called Louisa Johnson since she was 11 years old.”

The pair are also said to have helped former ‘X-Factor’ contestant Lauren Platt, with Stevie adding: "Katie also looked after a girl called Lauren Platt, who came fourth in the 'X-Factor' last year, and we think Louisa is on a different level.”

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However an  'X-Factor' spokesman told The Sun: "Any connection with a former contestant is a coincidence. No one has been given special treatment and everyone was judged on the strength of their performances."

Following her ‘X-Factor’ win on Sunday, Johnson will now release a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’ in the hopes of taking the coveted Christmas number one spot. As part of her prize she has also signed a record contract with Simon Cowell's Syco label which is said to come with an estimated £125,000 advance.