Simon Cowell wants his own version of US President Barack Obama's Cadillac.

The bomb-proof car - also known as 'The Beast' - has been used by the president during his current visit to the UK, spurring the 'x factor' boss to demand one of the eight-tonne vehicles for himself.

Simon's spokesperson Max Clifford said: "Simon Cowell phoned me this morning and said he wants the same car as Obama."

Worth at least £1million, the sleek-looking Cadillac One provides maximum safety and can go From Zero to 60 miles per hour in 15 seconds.

Its 6.5 litre engine is armour-plated and it also has bullet-proof glass and puncture-resistant tyres.

The vehicle would provide the perfect security for Simon, who three years ago discovered a tracking device in his Rolls Royce.

A friend also revealed the music mogul - who is worth an estimated £200million - is "obsessed" with cars and knew he wanted a 'Beast' as soon as he saw the President's.

The source said: "Simon's love of cars is borderline obsessional. He took one look at Obama's 'Beast' and his first thought was, 'I need one.' Obviously it is not as simple as walking into a Cadillac showroom and getting one.

"A beast would take months, if not years, to complete."