Simon Cowell has turned to healing crystals to help him recover after breaking his back.

The 60-year-old entertainment mogul suffered the devastating injury when he fell off his new electric bike, the powerful electric Swind EB01, recently and some friends placed crystals around his hospital bed to help him get better.

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: ''Two of his friends had searched out and delivered some powerful healing energy crystals which he has with him.

''Most people wouldn't put Simon down as having crystals but he and Lauren have them around their home.

''He's in good spirits and his back is well on the mend.''

And it was recently revealed that his partner Lauren Silverman, 43, has encouraged Simon to get rid of the bike after the accident left him needing a six-hour surgery to repair his back.

A source said: ''Lauren doesn't want him to ride one of those bikes again, so he's agreed with his friends and family to get rid of them as soon as he's out of hospital.

''The power of the bike was unbelievable when he changed the setting up to the second one. The bike just flew into the air.

''Thankfully he let go of the bike as he fell backwards and it didn't land on him.''

Lauren - who has six-year-old son Eric with Simon - has been making regular trips to the hospital to visit her partner as he continues to recover, but it also insisting the mogul must not return to work until his doctors give him the all clear.