Simon Cowell is still working on his wedding plans.

The 'Britain's Got Talent' boss proposed to long-term partner Lauren Silverman – the mother of his eight-year-old son Eric – in December 2021, and now a year on the 63-year-old star is staying tight lipped about the upcoming nuptials.

Appearing on ITV's 'Loose Women' this week, he was asked about his plans and coyly quipped: "Still planning."

The notorious workaholic also admitted he's "getting there" with striking a balance between his career and family life, and he noted how fatherhood has changed him for the better.

He said: "I'm certainly getting there. Yes, for sure, where I currently am in my life, my career, being a dad – I mean, I was late to the party. It was the best thing that ever happened to me."

Meanwhile, Simon revealed how his son is always reacting to the acts on the likes of 'America's Got Talent', and he gives his opinions "nonstop".

He added: "I've got a good idea of what he's going to be when he's older, I think, which is a really cool thing," Cowell added, without naming the profession. "He's got his own opinion. He's his own man, which is really, really important. Yeah, he's a sweetheart."

When it comes to the wedding, Emma Cowell - Simon's sister-in-law - previously suggested the ceremony will actually be a low-key event.

She said: "Will he be a groomzilla? It’s hard to say. Simon has very clear likes and dislikes.

"He is used to calling the shots on TV and behind the scenes so I’m sure he applies that to all areas of his life, including his wedding.

"But Lauren will have equally strong ideas as it’s her big day too. It’s also important for Eric and Simon’s stepson Adam. I’m sure he’s got lots of ideas, plans, and maybe a few surprises for Lauren, but I imagine it will be a low-key, really special day for them.

"None of us thought this day would come! Simon was a bachelor who never wanted to get married, engaged or be a dad, but look at him now."