Cheryl Tweedy has turned to Simon Cowell for career advice.

The 37-year-old singer and TV star is looking for her next project and has turned to TV and music mogul Simon - who is currently recovering after breaking his back in a fall from his electric bike - to help her find something suitable.

A source said: "Simon is incredibly loyal to Cheryl and has told her he hasn't given up on her. She would never press him while he's still recuperating but she's hopeful he can work with her when he's better. He's encouraging her to visit him in LA and bring her son Bear along too so they can get down to planning her future."

Cheryl and Simon had an acrimonious falling out in 2011 when he sacked her from the US 'X Factor' but they reconciled and Cheryl returned to the UK show in 2014.

However, Simon still feels bad for how he treated her on 'X Factor USA' and will do whatever he can to make it up to her.

The source told heat magazine: "Simon still feels guilty about the US 'X Factor'. He's told her that she has a bright future ahead but she needs to let go of the pop career and concentrate on television. It's tough pill for Cheryl to swallow but she will take it from Simon, if there's one thing she knows about him it's that he's brutally honest."