Embattled Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's former mistress has opened up about her fling with the leader in the pages of October's (11) Playboy magazine.
Revealing the body the politician fell for, actress/model Evelina Manna insists there was nothing fake about her four-year romance with the 75 year old, revealing she was smitten with Berlusconi when they first met in 2005.
Manna tells the men's magazine she and the Italian Prime Minister liaised after she named him as one of the men she most admired in an interview promoting the film Alexander, in which she had a small role.
She met Berlusconi for tea at his apartment in Rome and, in Playboy, she hints that they had sex the following day at his retreat in Sardinia.
She tells the publication, "I was totally in love... After lunch that day, let's just say we were together."
And Manna insists sex with the Prime Minister was "fantastic".
She adds, "He is a man. Very male... We had a beautiful relationship. It was clean."
The affair came to an end in 2009 as Berlusconi was dealing with his divorce and the death of his mother - and Manna insists her ex is a hard man to replace: "I haven't met another man like that. It's hard to find a man who can follow the Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, into my bedroom."