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1st March 2017

Quote: "Bill brought such authenticity to everything he did - in life and in his work. He was the quintessential Texan - incredibly charming, warm, generous, always with a twinkle in his eye. He loved his family, his friends, his work and gave them his all. I can't believe he's gone." Sigourney Weaver salutes her late Aliens co-star Bill Paxton, who died on Saturday (25Feb17).

2nd December 2016

Quote: "I can’t say much, because they might kill me. I think everyone I work for might kill me if I tell you anything. But I have the most delicious character. She’s really smart, and she’s very in charge." Sigourney Weaver is refusing to blab about her character in Marvel's Defenders movie.

19th July 2015

Fact: Sigourney Weaver has filmed a cameo role in British TV comedy drama Doc Martin.

2nd March 2015

Quote: "In an odd way, it was better that I was a bit freaky, because it took an unconventional director to think of me, and kept me from humdrum movies... Alien was really my first movie. Suddenly I had all these options." Sigourney Weaver credits her unusual looks with helping her forge a successful acting career.

1st March 2015

Quote: "It is something actors need to figure out how to combat and it doesn't serve anyone to have privacy invaded to such an extent. She is brilliant. Leave her alone." Sigourney Weaver addresses the nude photo hacking scandal that revolved around The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence last year (14). She was one of many stars who were the subject of saucy leaked photos.

19th February 2015

Quote: "This was bizarre. I got an email from the Hollywood Bowl, saying, 'Dear Ms. Weaver, were you by any chance at the Beatles concert at the Hollywood Bowl in 1962? We think we have footage of you at this concert...' I can't believe it. They must have a big archive!" Alien star Sigourney Weaver was stunned to recently receive seconds-long archive film footage of herself at a Fab Four concert over five decades ago.

3rd July 2014

Quote: "I don't feel comfortable being called a legend or a star. I am thankful for just being able to provide a good living for my family over all these years." Movie star Sigourney Weaver on her icon status.

27th August 2013

Fact: Sigourney Weaver is reteaming with her Alien director Ridley Scott to play the mother of Egyptian Pharoah Ramses in a new Biblical epic. The actress will portray Tuya in Scott's ambitious Exodus, which will also feature Joel Edgerton as Ramses and Christian Bale as Moses. Shooting is scheduled to begin in England next month (Sep13).

11th June 2013

Fact: The Tony Award-winning Broadway play Vanya And Sonia And Masha And Spike is losing Sigourney Weaver as one of its main stars after landing an extension until the end of August (13). The Avatar actress is bowing out of the production on 28 July (13) and she will be replaced by Julie White.

17th June 2011

Quote: "It’s important to grow old gracefully and that’s what I plan to do. I am here to stay. I take care of myself and I have the discipline to stay fit and have good health until I am very old. I’m not planning on retiring and in many ways, professionally at least, I think my best days are still to come." Actress Sigourney Weaver is planning for a long life.

17th December 2010

Quote: "I think I get the roles Meryl's not doing." Sigourney Weaver is convinced she's often second choice behind Meryl Streep in Hollywood.

19th October 2010

Quote: "Yes, I got a call from Ivan Reitman... I just said, 'That would be fun and please make sure my little son Oscar grows up to be a Ghostbuster'. And he said, 'Absolutely'. Then I think he directed this other film and is busy editing it, so it kind of got put on hold. But I would be surprised if we didn't do it." Sigourney Weaver confirms she's back on board the planned Ghostbusters sequel and hopes her character's onscreen son joins her in the new picture.

29th September 2010

Quote: "He'd offered me a really good part in Annie Hall but I was doing this play... called Titanic, in which I played a little girl in a sailor suit who kept a hedgehog in her vagina... and so I turned down Woody Allen, and sweetly he gave me this little tiny walk-on right at the very end of Annie Hall." Sigourney Weaver on turning down Woody Allen.

23rd September 2010

Quote: "She's very tall and annoyingly smart." Jamie Lee Curtis on her YOU AGAIN co-star Sigourney Weaver.

21st September 2010

Quote: "He's such a brilliant director, my husband, and (his work with) The Flea Theater... When I see the work, I fall in love with him all over again... I respect him and admire his work so much, it just makes me want to get to know him more." ALIEN star Sigourney Weaver is captivated by her filmmaker husband Jim Simpson's work with the New York theatre he co-founded in 1996.

15th September 2010

Fact: Cynthia Nixon, Sigourney Weaver, Ice Cube and Steve Buscemi will join Woody Harrelson in a hard-hitting new movie about the Los Angeles Police Rampart scandal in the late 1990s. Harrelson will play a veteran cop caught up in the corruption.

3rd August 2010

Fact: Sigourney Weaver is in talks to join action hero Bruce Willis on the big screen in upcoming thriller THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY. British actor Henry Cavill has already been cast in the film, about an American whose family is kidnapped while vacationing abroad, reports industry paper Variety.

16th April 2010

Fact: Sigourney Weaver's athletic mother, Elizabeth Inglis, once qualified to compete at the Wimbledon tennis tournament in London - despite growing up with braces on her legs.

16th April 2010

Quote: "For a long time it was frustrating for me to be cast in these serious, heroic roles because I'm not that serious. I'm kind of a silly person. If there's a spider in the room, I'm running." Sigourney Weaver isn't as serious and tough as film fans think she is.

22nd March 2010

Quote: "I've had some very ardent female fans come backstage. Beautiful girls. I guess I should have put I was married in the programme or something." Sigourney Weaver was stunned to discover she has a huge lesbian following during stints on the Broadway stage.

19th January 2010

Quote: "In real life... I'm actually kind of a wimp. I hate scary movies. Seriously, I don't even like to see the ones that I'm in. I remember when I saw Aliens, I screamed for two straight hours. OK, I lied, I didn't scream, I peed." Sigourney Weaver jokes about her dislike for horror films.

18th December 2009

Quote: "I'm older, I'm seven years older than him and he was too shy and I was kind of like a movie star. So if I hadn't (asked him out) I would be single! We got married two months later. I just hypnotised him! And so far so good!" ALIEN actress Sigourney Weaver had to make the first move on filmmaker husband Jim Simpson when they met 25 years ago.

14th December 2009

Quote: "I've heard from my husband that Scotland is a beautiful country and I've been dying to visit. We've been talking about it for a while and we finally got embarrassed that we hadn't made the trip. We want to go to Forfar and Glasgow because my husband's family were from those two places." Hollywood actress Sigourney Weaver and husband Jim Simpson are planning a holiday to Scotland next year (10).

10th December 2009

Quote: "I'm much friendlier than the impression I give. I'm like a big golden retriever." Sigourney Weaver insists she's not the "snob" many people think she is.

10th December 2009

Quote: "I'd be very disappointed if we were the only thing the universe could come up with... I am always wandering around the countryside hoping that someone will land and say, 'Take me to your leader'." ALIENS star Sigourney Weaver believes in little green men.

9th December 2009

Quote: "Her moving out was worse for me than for her. She's fine without me. But when you're a working mother, the guilt is enormous. To not have that, to actually be able to work and not feel that tug all the time is great." Actress Sigourney Weaver had mixed emotions when her 19-year-old daughter Charlotte left home.

30th November 2009

Quote: "I really don't see the point in reprising my role. I don't think you can go back. But why not have a new generation of Ghostbusters? They are going to make a Ghostbusters movie with young Ghostbusters and I wanted to make sure that Oscar, Dana's son, will be one of them. It's a great movie. I'm very proud of it and hope that it does really well - which I'm sure it will." Sigourney Weaver won't be returning as Dana Barrett in the new GHOSTBUSTERS movie, but she did have a say in the plotline.

19th November 2009

Quote: "It was an odd situation to be the girl in a romantic story when the man is so much more attractive. When I first saw Mel, I felt like a little brown mouse." Sigourney Weaver felt unattractive next to Mel Gibson on the set of The Year of Living Dangerously.”

18th November 2009

Quote: "People are going to p**s themselves again and again and again. Because it’s just one amazing scene after the other." Sigourney Weaver can't wait for the public's reaction to AVATAR, her latest film collaboration with pioneering director James Cameron.

25th May 2009

Fact: Actress Thandie Newton named her eight-year-old daughter RIPLEY after the character played by Sigourney Weaver in the ALIEN film franchise.

15th January 2009

Quote: "I did talk to (director) Ridley Scott about doing another movie in outer space. I miss science fiction, because when things are going so badly in the world, I yearn to be on another planet." Sigourney Weaver dreams of another spacey movie. She starred in all four ALIEN films, but doesn't want to make a fifth with Scott.

12th January 2009

Quote: "I just downloaded your SINGLE LADIES. Even though I've been married 25 years. We all wanna dance like that. I am going to start now." Actress Sigourney Weaver confessed she's a big Beyonce Knowles fan when she met the BOOTYLICIOUS star on the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday night (11Jan09).

12th January 2009

Quote: "I just downloaded your SINGLE LADIES. Even though I've been married 25 years. We all wanna dance like that. I am going to start now." Actress Sigourney Weaver confessed she's a big Beyonce Knowles fan when she met the BOOTYLICIOUS star on the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday night (11Jan09).

8th October 2008

Quote: "It doesn't excite me too much that Sarah Palin in running for Vice President because, to me, she's just (GEORGE W) Bush in a skirt." Sigourney Weaver is no fan of U.S. Senator John McCain's running mate.

23rd April 2008

Quote: "I remember when I was carrying my daughter, they referred to me as an elderly primapara (first-time mum) or something like that... I felt, 'Phew, I had her just in time before I turned into a pumpkin or something.'" Sigourney Weaver on being a 40something mum-to-be.

4th February 2008

Fact: Sigourney Weaver's arch-rival ALIEN from the movies of the same name has been voted the scariest film monster of all time, according to a new poll by viewers of Sky Movies. Creeper from 2001's Jeepers Creepers came second, while the shark from Jaws was voted the third most menacing creature.

10th April 2007

Fact: ALIEN actress Sigourney Weaver will replace wildlife expert SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH as narrator on nature programme PLANET EARTH when it is aired on the Discovery Channel in the US later this month (APR07).

2nd April 2007

Fact: Sigourney Weaver's first theatrical job was as Ingrid Bergman's understudy in a touring production of SIR John Gielgud's THE CONSTANT WIFE. She recalls, "I didn't get to go on, even when Bergman broke her ankle and played in a wheelchair."

16th February 2007

Fact: British actress Thandie Newton's children, RIPLEY and Nico, are named after Sigourney Weaver's ALIEN heroine and the Velvet Underground's muse respectively.

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