Sigourney Weaver knows where movie mogul James Cameron gets his drive and inspiration from - she has met his mother.
The actress, who has starred in Cameron's Avatar and Aliens films, admits she always thought there was something special about the visionary director and the way he presents women in his films.
She tells WENN, "During the roll out (publicity tour) of Avatar, I got to meet Jim's mother and there's something about her; she has the beautiful blue eyes and she's very calm and she raised these three sons, all extraordinary and all very much who they are.
"There is great strength that emanates from his mother... Jim is very impatient with people who underestimate women. There's a reason."
And Weaver reveals the blue alien princess Neytiri in Cameron's Avatar was inspired by a picture he drew as a gift for his mum - when he was just 14.
She explains, "He's told me that he first drew Neytiri when he was 14. He drew this picture of a blue princess for his mother as a gift. There's something about her that has inspired Jim."