Producers of 'Political Animals' have officially decided not to release any more episodes of the mini-series having considered for a time extending it to at least another series.

The USA Network political drama starring Sigourney Weaver as a divorced First Lady, governor of Illinois and Secretary of State was created by Greg Berlanti famed for producing superhero movie 'Green Lantern' and TV comedy drama 'Dirty Sexy Money'. It ran for 6 episodes from July to August and was originally only thought to be a limited series, however there was discussion about how many more stories could be squeezed out of it. 'We are proud of 'Political Animals', our miniseries that attracted critical acclaim and impacted the cultural conversation this summer', USA Network said in an official statement. 'It was a pleasure to work with Greg Berlanti and Laurence Mark [producer] and a powerful cast led by Sigourney Weaver. We look forward to collaborating again with these immensely talented creatives.'

Berlanti recently posted a Tweet regarding the support he's received over the TV show: 'Thanks everyone for the nice tweets regarding Political Animals. It remains one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life. The cast, the crew, writers, studio and USA were all a dream to work with. We all got to make what we set out to. Couldn't be more proud!'