In just a few weeks time, fans of Marvel will finally see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist come together to form the crime-fighting group of heroes known as 'The Defenders', in a series on Netflix of the same name. So who's the Big Bad forcing them to put aside their differences and fight for the greater good? Sigourney Weaver's new addition to the universe, Alexandra.

Sigourney Weaver as Alexandra in 'The Defenders' / Cr: Sarah ShatzSigourney Weaver as Alexandra in 'The Defenders' / Cr: Sarah Shatz

The full origin story of this character as well as the motivation for whatever actions she may take remains to be revealed, but the casting of Weaver means that she's going to be a huge force with a domineering aura about her. You don't pick somebody like Weaver to play a shy and retiring role, or somebody who skulks around in the shadows, that's for sure.

A woman in business, Alexandra looks to be one of the most complex we've seen in a show of this type, and Weaver has in the past been against using the term "villain" to describe her. Now she's gone one step further, and referred to the character as a "heroine".

According to Cinema Blend, the actress explained during a San Diego Comic Con roundtable interview: "I was doing an interview earlier and I kept referring to her as a heroine, which to me is like another word for woman character. I said I think she does feel it in her story like she’s a heroine, because she doesn’t see things as black and white. She sees all the different colours and possibilities because she’s in business. And I don’t think businesspeople, especially on her scale, care about these niceties of things. If it’s a fossil fuel company, they want to just keep going, regardless of all these people whimpering about the earth. So I based her on real people I know who think like that."

Knowing that Weaver has used real life people to base her character's motivations and actions on is certainly good to hear; it means that Alexandra will at times be relatable and the viewers may even find themselves agreeing with her or feeling empathy towards her despite her actions.

The best 'baddies' in a story are those that believe they're fighting for the right cause. Though some know they're evil and they want to take over the world simply because they like the idea of power, somebody like Alexandra who thinks they're on the right side of history and sees those who oppose her as the villains is instantly leagues ahead. We can't wait to see what she has to offer.

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'The Defenders' debuts on Netflix in all territories where the service is available on August 18.