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Sigourney Weaver Loved The Intimacy Of A Monster Calls

Sigourney Weaver

In A Monster Calls rising star Lewis MacDougall plays a 12-year-old boy grappling with his mother's fatal illness. It's an unusual role for Weaver, who says she was drawn to the film for a variety of reasons, including director J.A. Bayona's previous films The Orphanage and The Impossible.

Sigourney Weaver in A Monster CallsSigourney Weaver in A Monster Calls

"Frankly, I end up doing a lot of big movies," she says, "and I so wanted to do something very small and intimate and very dramatic. The story really catches at your heart. It's not a film about cancer but about coming to terms with loss. I just knew Bayona would create something very original and so personal. And I was drawn to the character."

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The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years Review

Very Good

A-list director Ron Howard worked with the surviving Beatles to assemble this engaging documentary, which offers an inside look at Beatlemania, the three years when the best pop band in history toured the world. The messy title is a hint as to how compromised this film is: it's not a proper journalistic look at the band, but rather an approved portrait with the rough edges removed. But with its never-seen footage and lots of great music, it can't help but be hugely entertaining.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr spent years developing their sound before they hit the big time. And when they set off on their first tour in 1963, things immediately went crazy, with unprecedented displays of fan adoration. Fans couldn't get enough of these cheeky young guys from Liverpool, and their irreverent antics during interviews further endeared them to their audience. As they embarked on their first major tour of America, young journalist Larry Kane was sent to accompany them. Initially annoyed at this fluffy assignment, Kane was won over by their talent and the way they stood up to segregation laws in the South. But by 1966, they found that playing concerts in stadiums was simply too exhausting (they couldn't hear themselves above the screaming), so they abruptly stopped performing in public. The rest of their career took place in the studio.

All of this is recounted in a terrific range of home movies, archive footage, snapshots and interviews from the time, plus present-day recollections from Paul and Ringo. Added to this are interviews with celebrities who as children saw them perform, artists who worked with them and historians who examine their talent and impact. With access to this kind of material and a skilled editing team, Howard creates a film that's energetically gripping, offering a perspective on the Beatles that we may not have seen before.

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Finding Dory Review

Very Good

It's been 13 years since the release of the Disney/Pixar hit Finding Nemo, and filmmaker Andrew Stanton has opted to make a spin-off instead of a direct sequel, shifting the perspective to recount the life story of the forgetful blue tang. Because it centres on a personal quest, it's a very different style of movie, which makes some of the action feel rather contrived. But the characters are still vivid and likeable, and it's packed with meaningful themes.


The film opens with young Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) being taught by her parents (Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy) how to cope with her short-term memory problem. But she still gets lost. Then years later, after her adventure teaming up with Marlin (Albert Brooks) to help find his son Nemo (Hayden Rolence), she has a brief spark of memory and decides to find her family. Accompanied by Marlin and Nemo, Dory crosses the ocean to a California marine sanctuary, where they get separated. Dory gets help from cranky seven-tentacled Octopus Hank (Ed O'Neill), the perky whale shark Destiny (Kaitlin Olson) and a befuddled beluga whale (Ty Burrell). Meanwhile, Marlin and Nemo meet a pair of laddish sea lions (Idris Elba and Dominic West).

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Ghostbusters Trailer

Ghostbusters is a new film for 2016 and is based on the 1984 film of the same name and is directed by Paul Feig. The film features four women on their quest to save New York City when various ghosts take over and exercise control over the humans. 

Two authors Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates write a novel about the existence of ghosts and the revelation that they believe they do exist. However this novel is not taken seriously and when it becomes apparent that Gilbert wrote this book, she becomes the centre of a joke in her professional career as a teacher at Columbia University, even her students don't take her seriously.

This film quickly becomes the tell - tale narrative of who's laughing now, when Gilbert teams up with Yates and two other women to fight the ghosts that have decided to inhabit the city. A mission is deployed and the quartet set out to save the world from the evil ghost Rowan, providing the audience with lots of laughs along the way.

Ghostbusters Trailer

Erin Gilbert is a brilliant quantum physicist and holds a high ranking lecturing position at Columbia University, that is until a past novel she's written comes to light. The novel was written by Erin and her friend Abby and claims that ghosts are real. When strange occurrences start to happen in Manhattan, Erin and Abby are reunited in a bid to put a stop to the ghostly apparitions.

They set up a small business to help being who are being haunted by the ghosts, the old friends are joined by Jillian Holtzmann, a nuclear engineering mastermind who's just as geeky as the other two girls, the team then recruit Patty Tolan, a lady whose knowledge of New York and its underground is almost unrivalled.

Together the four women for The Ghostbusters.

The Cast Of 'Ghostbusters' Reunites For 30th Anniversary!

Bill Murray Sigourney Weaver Dan Aykroyd Ghostbusters

It may have been 30 years since the first Ghostbusters movie hit the big screen, but the franchise is still as popular and beloved as ever. But while the original cast will sadly not be reuniting for a third movie, they have all managed to come together again to grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Reunions’ issue.

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Sigourney Weaver Is Confirmed For 'Avatar' Sequels In New Role

Sigourney Weaver James Cameron

Sigourney Weaver’s character may have expired in James Cameron’s smash hit, but that doesn’t mean she can’t – in the universe of Avatar – return in a different role.

Sigourney WeaverSigourney Weaver at the 2013 BAFTA LA Jaguar Britannia Awards

Weaver's exobiologist character Dr Grace Augustine was killed off in the original movie, but director James Cameron has revealed that she will have a "more challenging" role in the three follow-up films, which are being filmed simultaneously and released on consecutive years from 2016. 

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What's So Great About 'Ghostbusters'? Erm, How About Everything?

Bill Murray Sigourney Weaver

The 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters is speedily approaching. Can you believe that the iconic movie is nearly 30 years old? It’s hard to because it’s one of those comedies in which the humour just doesn’t date at all, but what else is it about Ghostbusters that makes it so great?

Ghostbusters 30th anniversary Forget the 15th Anniversary, we're headed for the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters

The General Idea

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'Alien 5' Is Basically Happening. Ok, So Sigourney Weaver Wants It To.

Sigourney Weaver Ridley Scott

Sigourney Weaver may not be done with the Alien movies just yet. The sci-fi franchise has moved in a different direction with the Prometheus films though the original star excited fans at the Hero Complex Film Festival over the weekend during a Q&A between screenings of Ridley Scott's original movie and James Cameron's follow-up.

Sigourney WeaverSigourney Weaver Wants 'Alien 5'

Inevitably, Weaver was quizzed about the character of Ellen Ripley - one of the most memorable protagonists in sci-fi movie history,

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'Ghostbusters III' Will Still Happen, Despite Death Of Harold Ramis

Harold Ramis Bill Murray Dan Aykroyd Ernie Hudson Rick Moranis Sigourney Weaver

Ghostbusters III remains on course for release despite the death of Harold Ramis, who was set to play one of the main characters. Ramis died on Monday after a long illness, prompting countless tributes from those who knew and respected the filmmaker as well as from his fans across the globe.

Harold Ramis
Harold Ramis' Death Was Saddening But Will Not Prevent A Third 'Ghostbusters' Being Released.

Ramis' Ghostbusters co-stars, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Rick Moranis, have also paid their respects to their long-time friend but are seemingly prepared to see the new movie through without him.

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Video - Sigourney Weaver And Bette Midler Arrive At The GLWD 2013 Golden Heart Awards - Part 1

'Hocus Pocus' star Bette Midler and 'Alien' star Sigourney Weaver were among the star arrivals at the God's Love We Deliver 2013 Golden Heart Awards gala in New York City. The charity presented awards to celebrities who had directly helped the charity in their mission to deliver healthy and nutritious food to people suffering from serious illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, cancer and other hunger related diseases.

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Sigourney Weaver Signs Up For Ridley Scott's Biblical Epic, 'Exodus'

Sigourney Weaver Ridley Scott John Turturro Christian Bale Joel Edgerton Aaron Paul

Sigourney Weaver is set to star in another Ridley Scott-directed movie, 34 years after she made her name in his 1979 sci-fi classic, Alien. The 63 year-old will appear in Scott's upcoming biblical epic Exodus in which she will play Tuya, mother of Ramses, reports THR.

Sigourney Weaver
Sigourney Weaver Will Play The Mother Of Pharoah Ramses.

Weaver has just finished a stint on Broadway in the Tony-winning Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike and she has also signed up to the Mortal Instruments sequel, City of Ashes.

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Sigourney Weaver And Ridley Scott To Join Forces Once Again For 'Exodus'

Sigourney Weaver Ridley Scott Joel Edgerton Aaron Paul Christian Bale John Turturro Russell Crowe Darren Aronofsky

Sigourney Weaver is re-teaming with the man who gave her her big break; Ridley Scott, to co-star in the director's upcoming Bible epic Exodus. The 20th Century Fox production will see Weaver star as Tuya, mother of Ramses (played by Joel Edgerton), in the movie, with John Turturro already signed on to appear as her husband.

Sigourney Weaver
Weaver will star as Tuya in one of 2014's two biblical movies

Weaver re-unites with Scott for the first time since the 1979 sci-fi classic Alien, in a film that is already looking like a star-studded affair, even though casting hasn't yet finished.

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James Cameron Says Two Avatar Sequels Is Not Enough. So, He's Making Three

James Cameron Sigourney Weaver

James Cameron and Fox Studios have announced three will be THREE sequels to Avatar - the 2009 sci-fi epic that remains the highest grossing movie of all time.

The Oscar winning director found that two films "would not be enough" and will begin filming three movies simultaneously beginning in 2014, for release in December 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The 3-D original told the story of a paraplegic solder sent to the alien planet of Pandora. 

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James Cameron's Avatar Will Be A Quadrilogy, Not Trilogy As Planned

James Cameron Sam Worthington Sigourney Weaver Stephen Lang

James Cameron's planned Avatar trilogy will be a quadrilogy it was announced on Thursday 1st August.

James Cameron
James Cameron at the 109th Explorers Club Annual Gala at the Waldorf Astoria, New York.

James Cameron's 2009 Avatar will become a one of four as plans for three more sequels have been announced. Josh Friedman (War of the Worlds), Shane Salerno (Savages), Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (who both wrote Rise of the Planets of the Apes) will collaborate with Cameron on the sequels. 

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Vamps Trailer

Stacey and Goody are two vampires cursed to remain young and beautiful forever after being bitten and changed in the 19th Century. Whilst they have dated numerous men in the past, they still prove to be putty in the hands of love when Stacey falls for the son of the notorious vampire hunter Dr Van Helsing. Joey Van Helsing is equally as taken with her as she is with him, however his father immediately knows Stacey's secret and tries to warn Joey but to no avail. He gets together an angry mob of hunters who threaten to expose the coffin-lounging lady vamps to the sunlight they hate so much - always being slaves to the night when they spend their time partying. When Goody meets her dream man from years ago, both girls are faced with a choice: eternal immortality or love.

This side-splitting Rom Com is a brilliantly light-hearted take on the classic vampire; the perfect comic relief after the serious subject matter of modern vamp stories 'Twilight', 'True Blood' and 'Vampire Diaries'. It has been directed and written by Amy Heckerling; the writer of high-school parody series 'Clueless' and movies 'Loser' and 'Look Who's Talking' and has the same hilarious style of humour that has captured audiences since the '90s. 'Vamps' is set for release on November 2nd 2012 in the USA.

Starring: Alicia Silverstone, Krysten Ritter, Richard Lewis, Sigourney Weaver, Wallace Shawn, Justin Kirk, Malcolm McDowell, Zak Orth, Marilu Henner, Scott Thomson, Todd Barry, Kristen Johnston, Natalie Gal, Meredith Scott Lynn, Joel Michaely and Dan Stevens.

The Cabin In The Woods Review

The script for this horror romp is almost too inventive, cleverly combining clashing genres and playing hilariously with a range of cliches while thoroughly grossing out the audience. It's certainly a riot of fun to watch, even if it's not actually that scary.

Taking a break from her pre-med studies, Dana (Connolly) heads off to a mountain cabin with her flatmate Jules (Hutchison), their stoner pal Marty (Kranz) and Jules' muscle-jock boyfriend Curt (Hemsworth), who has invited his friend Holden (Williams) as a possible date for Dana. But they have no idea that two sardonic businessmen (Jenkins and Whitford) are managing an elaborate underground operation during which they are manipulating everything about the cabin. And it starts to become clear that, to save the world, all five young people must die in the correct order.

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The Cold Light Of Day Trailer

Will Shaw is a young Wall Street trader, who comes from a well off family. One summer, they all decide to holiday in Spain, on their yacht. Will meets them at the airport and they head to their boat together.

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Rampart Review

Harrelson reunites with The Messenger writer-director Moverman for this grim drama about police corruption in late-1990s Los Angeles. But while it's sharply well-made, the film doesn't really offer anything new to the bad-cop genre.

Dave (Harrelson) is struggling to hold his fractured family together while covering up his dodgy activities as a cop in L.A.'s rough Rampart district. He lives with his two ex-wives (Heche and Nixon) and two daughters (Larson and Boyarsky), while developing a tentative relationship with a lawyer (Wright).

But his vigilante-style approach to his job leaves him with few friends, while his addiction to prescription drugs is sending him into a downward spiral. And now he's being harassed by the D.A. (Weaver) and her investigator (Ice Cube).

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Rampart Trailer

In the midst of the 1990's Rampart Scandal, Dave Brown works for the LAPD and is the most corrupt cop you're ever likely to meet. He is racist, homophobic and chauvinistic and that's just the tip of the iceberg. In his mind, he thinks he is an action hero and he has dedicated himself to doing 'the people's dirty work'. In his personal life, he has two ex-wives - both of them sisters - and has fathered two daughters between them.

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Abduction Review

There's an intriguing premise to this snappy action thriller, but it's never properly developed by the inane script and bland direction. Director Singleton and writer Christensen are far more interested in macho posturing and nasty violence than characters or plausibility.

Nathan (Lautner) is a lively Pittsburgh teen with even livelier parents (Isaacs and Bello), although he sees a shrink (Weaver) to keep his anger issues in check. While working on a school project with childhood crush Karen (Collins), he stumbles across a missing-child website with a picture of him at age 3.

Suddenly he doubts who he really is, and indeed he and Karen have uncovered a secret involving a foreign agent (Nyqvist) and a CIA boss (Molina) who are both desperate to get their hands on some important information.

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WALL-E Review

And the bar gets raised even higher.

Right around the time Pixar Animation Studios released its fifth feature, Finding Nemo, conversation shifted from "Is it any good?" to "Just how amazing is it?" Quality was assumed, and rightfully so. The studio's creative directors helped redefine the animation genre with the Toy Story franchise, A Bug's Life and Monsters, Inc. Subsequent Pixar stories were measured against their predecessors and ranked accordingly.

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Snow Cake Review

Turning what might have been an "illness of the week" tragedy into an affecting, entertaining entry for arthouse patrons, director Marc Evans, working from Angela Pell's screenplay, pulls it off in a small-scale way but with emotional sensitivity and a solid cast with particular appeal to the increasing numbers of people who have personal experience with autism.

Vivienne Freeman (Emily Hampshire), a young hitchhiker with more spirit than fear, enters a restaurant, scans it, and picks a man sitting alone to delight with her company. Alex Hughes (Alan Rickman), a laconic Englishman, barely tolerates the intrusion on his quiet privacy with a gabby adolescent and, after displaying what is, for him, considerable patience, rejects her suggestion to ride with him. He leaves, as alone as when he came in, and drives off.

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Galaxy Quest Review

Very Good
Just when you thought "high concept" couldn't get any lower....

And just when you thought lowbrow humor couldn't be funny any more....

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A Map Of The World Review

What American Beauty did for the suburbs, A Map of the World aims to do for the farm life.

I said "aims," of course. A Map of the World is deeply flawed yet still worth a look, especially if you're into grandiose, weepy, self-important dramas. And hey, who isn't?

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Tadpole Review

When you're young, it seems all you want is to be older - whether it's finally to be allowed to stay up late, to go out to a bar, or just to be taken seriously. In Oscar's case, it's just to be desirable.

All of Oscar Grubman's (Aaron Stanford) prep school friends - including best friend Charlie (Robert Iler of Sopranos fame) - tell him that he's a 40-year-old trapped in a 15-year-old's body. Instead of feeding on pop culture and pop music, Oscar spends his time quoting Voltaire and listening to opera. Think of him as a Max Fisher minus the bullshit. He strives to be cultured and sophisticated well beyond his years, and girls his age just don't cut the gouda.

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Holes Review

In certain literary circles, the ones that meet during fourth-period study hall, Louis Sachar's Newberry Award-winning Holes has replaced the Harry Potter series as the hip new read. No wonder, since the novel introduces readers to a gaggle of misfit teens who hide behind self-inflicted nicknames like X-Ray (for his thick eye glasses) and Armpit (for his distinctive odor) and are characterized by their rebellious attitude towards authority.

Sachar's antihero is Stanley Yelnats IV (Shia LaBeouf), an affable but luckless teen who's accused of a crime he did not commit and ordered to serve his sentence at Camp Green Lake, a Texas labor camp that's neither green nor near any lake. Instead of archery and crafts, the inmates spend their days digging holes under the watchful eye of crusty Mr. Sir (Jon Voight). His boss, Warden Walker (Sigourney Weaver), seeks something of value under the camp and needs the boys to keep tunneling until the unidentified treasure is found.

Continue reading: Holes Review

Death And The Maiden Review

Sigourney Weaver and Ben Kingsley are together in Roman Polanski's new film, Death and the Maiden, a haunting and powerful work of genius. Based on the acclaimed stage play, the story goes that Weaver is the wife of rich South American lawyer/politician Gerardo Escobar (played by Stuart Wilson), and they live alone in the wilderness of this unnamed country. One day, Dr. Miranda (Kingsley) shows up at the house after helping Escobar with a flat tire, and he comes in for a drink.

Paulina (Weaver) begins to inexplicably break down after his arrival, going so far as to sneak out of the house and destroy Miranda's car. Only when she returns do we discover the shocking reason for this insanity. Paulina suspects Miranda was the doctor who tortured and raped her 15 years earlier: the doctor, she says, who played the Schubert composition "Death and the Maiden" while he applied his evil ministrations. Paulina then turns the tables, tying Miranda up, beating him, and holding an impromptu trial to get his confession to the deeds.

Continue reading: Death And The Maiden Review

Tadpole Review


Home from boarding school for Thanksgiving holiday with unruly hormones and a festering Oedipal jones for his 40-something stepmom, idiosyncratic 15-year-old Manhattan sophisticate Oscar Grubman is having a hard time coping with life.

Versed in the classics, a voracious reader of Voltaire, fluent in French and tortured by his own high expectations, he doesn't have much use for girls his own age -- even the ones that like him. But as he waits impatiently for some elusive perfect moment to reveal his desires to Dad's wife (Sigounrey Weaver), Oscar gets a little drunk one night and goes to bed with her lusty best friend (Bebe Neuwirth) instead.

Such is the framework for "Tadpole," the enticingly tart, oddball coming-of-age comedy that won helmer Gary Winick the Director's Award at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

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Holes Review


A rare kids' flick that engages youthful intellect and heart instead of patting youngsters on the head and spoon-feeding them stock anecdotes and tie-in toys, "Holes" is a fun family flick with a manifold plot about a smart, quiet teenager who gets the fate-fueled chance to reverse his family's hereditary bad luck.

It seems a curse was put the great-great-grandfather of curly-headed moppet Stanley Yelnats (Shia LaBeouf), and the trickle-down effect has landed the kid at a parched, ghost-town-like juvenile rehabilitation center in West Texas -- ironically called Camp Green Lake -- for a crime he didn't commit.

The venomous Warden (Sigorney Weaver, delighting in the role's sneering, sinister qualities) has a strange idea for building character in her charges: the boys spend every single day digging five-foot-deep holes in the dry lakebed. Her policies are enforced by the Mr. Sir, a classically menacing, beer-bellied, bow-legged figure played by Jon Voight in a scene-stealing standout performance. Sporting a graying Elvis pompadour, a villain's pencil mustache, twitchy wild eyes, and a low-slung holster, he's the kind of baddie who makes you giggle while making your skin crawl too, as he squints in the faces of potential escapees and seethes that in the desert "the buzzards'll pick ya clean by the end of the third day."

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Sigourney Weaver

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