Sigma star Joe Lenzie is on the mend after battling long COVID.

The drum and bass DJ duo were both poorly with coronavirus, Cam Edwards has revealed.

However, Joe was hit the hardest and completely zapped of energy after catching the respiratory illness in the studio in 2020.

His musical partner told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "Joe was actually quite ill with COVID during the pandemic so he was out of action for some time.

"We both after that session got ill but I didn't realise Joe was really ill.

"There were points where he was really suffering. He was in bed a lot and had no energy."

Fortunately, he is over the worst of it.

Cam continued: "Joe is getting through it now and he's getting back to himself.

"Now he's recovering from long COVID and getting over the energy side of things."

While the 'Hope' stars are looking forward to getting back on stage, Joe is under strict instruction from Cam not to return until he feels "100 per cent" ready.

Discussing the changes to his diet he's made to aid his recovery, the 'Changing' hitmaker said: "He's [Joe] had to make loads of diet changes, and there's lots of changes he's done which will ultimately make him better in the long run.

"But the good thing about the two of us is that more often than not, Joe would spend more time in the studio and I'll do a few more shows, so until Joe is 100% right, he isn't expected to do anything."