Sigala has been inundated by music fans who have told him they prefer his single 'Easy Love' to the original Jackson 5 song it's based on.

The British DJ-and-producer has risen to the top of the UK singles chart with his monster hit - which is based on a sample from classic Motown track 'ABC' and features an 11-year-old Michael Jackson on lead vocals when it was released in February 1970.

Sigala insists the feedback he's had on his song has been universally positive and he hasn't had any hardcore Jackson fans complaining about his re-working of the tune.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Sigala said: ''Do you what? All I've had is people come up to me to tell me they don't like the original but they like my new version. I was told the other day that my version has gone higher in the charts than the original actually did which I think is absolutely amazing. I just assumed the original was a number one but it actually only got to like to number eight.''

Sigala - real name Bruce Fielder - got to meet Tito Jackson at his studio and was thrilled when the Jackson Five star gave 'Easy Love' his seal of approval.

The electronic musician insists he was never nervous about sampling such an iconic hit as 'ABC' when he was creating his song but only because he didn't think it would become such a huge hit.

He explained: ''I wasn't nervous about it, but I didn't realise it would become this monster of a tune so I didn't think about it at all, I just thought it would be a giggle and just did it.''

Recalling his meeting with Tito, 61, he said: ''Tito was actually working in the same building as me and he had heard about the song but he hadn't actually heard it so we thought it would be really cool to set up a little meeting. We did and he loved the track. We actually approached them (The Jacksons) really early on just to make sure we could sample the track - I've heard some horror stories about artists using samples and basing their whole song or campaign around it and then it doesn't work out. We were lucky to get clearance on it really early on.''

'Easy Love' is available to download and stream now and the video can be viewed on YouTube and Vevo.