Sienna Miller has recorded a sleep series for Audible.

The 'Alfie' star is following in the footsteps of fellow screen star Jamie Dornan by lending her voice to a new project called 'Sleep Sound with Sienna Miller' which features "immersive soundscapes" with narration from the 41-year-old actress.

Sienna can be heard describing scenes from winter and spring including a storm on a harbour in the UK as well as a dawn chorus next to a lake in Estonia.

A description released by Audible explains: "Do you need some help getting to sleep? In this season of Sleep Sound, come with Sienna Miller as she transports you to some of the most relaxing winter and spring scenes on the planet. From a windstorm on an English harbour, to a dawn chorus by an Estonian lake, settle down and snuggle up to the rumble of approaching thunder. Take a deep breath, relax, and join Sienna on an escape to sleep."

'Sleep Sound with Sienna Miller', available now on Audible, follows a series narrated by 'Fifty Shades of Grey' star Jamie who lent his voice to 'Sleep Sound with Jamie Dornan'.

The six-part podcast series of 20-minute recordings was designed to help listeners drift off, and Jamie revealed he was keen to take part to help people sleep as he is constantly disturbing his wife Amelia Warner with his sleep talking and snoring.

He said: "I know I sleep talk because I’m married and I share a bed with my wife, every night, and she tells me. I don’t think it’s anything specific, or particularly coherent, but I do definitely make noise. I’m a snorer – unfortunately for my wife."