Sia thinks some of the songs she's written are ''s***'' - but people still like them.

The 'Cheap Thrills' hitmaker - who has penned tracks for artists including Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and BTS - admitted creating new music comes easily to her and even if what she writes isn't always to her own taste, she knows there are others that will be happy with them.

She said: ''For me, writing songs and singing comes easily. I mean, it took me 25 years to get to writing this good and quickly.

''I'm very good at writing songs because I know some of the songs I write are s*** but people like them and I know how to please certain demographics and certain artists.''

Sia also admitted she had ''no big intentions'' for her career whens he first started out.

The 'Chandelier' singer landed a record deal after singing at various open mic nights in London but she admitted she never had any grand plans because it wasn't a path she'd set out to pursue.

She recalled to Australia's Rolling Stone magazine: ''That was the beginning of my singing career, like, 'Oh people are paying me to do this? OK, I must be a singer.'

''I literally had no big intentions.

''I thought I was actually going to be an actor and I'm very grateful that I'm not because it's a much harder job.''

Following the release of her upcoming movie 'Music' and its accompanying soundtrack, Sia already has a new album ready, but is in no rush to bring it out.

She said: I have an album ready to go. I'm only competing with myself if I put s*** out, so that's why I don't just drop it all right now.

''I have to be really smart about when I'm releasing things because I am quite prolific.''

But fans wanting to see her in concert in support of the record are likely to be disappointed.

She said: ''I'll probably never go on tour again. I'm not really a tourer, I'm a homebody.''