Review of Don't Bring Me Down EP by Sia


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Sia - ‘Don’t Bring Me Down - (E.P) Review


Don’t Bring Me Down (E.P)

Sia made a name for herself featuring on Zero 7’s album ‘Simple Things.’ It’s great that she has decided to release her first solo album ‘Colour The Small One,’ and this E.P demonstrates her uniqueness. Her voice is expressed subtly with conviction and shows depth when needed. It’s the enchanting essence of Sia that makes her so appealing to listen to. The music is of the lounge vibe. All the nice sounds such as brush licks on the drums, strings and nice chords on the guitar and keys. It’s pleasant music that washes over you pleasantly. Something to chill to.

Tareck Ghoneim

Music - Sia - ‘Don’t Bring Me Down - (E.P) Review