Review of This Is Acting Album by SIA

The latest album from Sia - This is Acting is a follow up to her successful 2014 album 1000 Forms of Fear and her 7th studio release. This is Acting is a self-written album by the Australian singer and consists of twelve tracks, some of which the singer wrote for the likes of Rhianna but were turned down, knowing this it might leave some listener feeling that This Is Acting is a second hand record with the tracks being released for the sake of it, however there are still some great moments.

SIA This Is Acting Album

Opening track Bird Set Free showcases Sia's empowering vocal, the soft, angelic keys in the intro entice us in before imploding into a dramatic chorus elevate Bird Set Free. Toning down the album is Alive, which is a mediocre track and unfortunately doesn't live up to the song title. Only Sia's confident vocals help savour the song but there's not enough vibrancy or creativity pouring out of the track for it to be considered memorable.

Move Your Body and Cheap Thrills aid the energetic production of This is Acting with the fast, catchy beat being fitting for a nightclub. Move Your Body lives up to the track title with influence of latino music.

Sia has only become prominent in the music industry in recent years with her personality is being showcased through her tracks, this is a theme noticeable on a few particular tracks including: Unstoppable, Broken Glass and Space Between which are confident and empowering numbers from the 40 year old songwriter.  

Sweet Design is experimental track and feels a little misplaced, but on the whole it's fast and fun and it's always healthy to see a musician pushing their boundaries.

Overall, This is Acting feels like a rushed album, Sia's undeniable raw vocal talent is captured here and there are a few standout moments but the overall song writing doesn't see the Australian at her very best. 

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