The Prime Minister of Belize has formally appealed to the Governor of New York to pardon his son, incarcerated rapper Shyne, and allow him to remain in the U.S.
Shyne is currently being held in a federal immigration detention centre following his release from New York's Woodbourne Correctional Facility last Tuesday (06Oct09), where he served more than eight years for a 1999 club shooting.
He was convicted of first degree assault and reckless endangerment in 2001 in relation to the incident, which left a woman with serious facial injuries.
The hip-hop star, real name Jamal Barrow, is now facing deportation back to his native Belize but his dad Dean Barrow reveals he's been pulling in as many favours as he can to help his son stay in America.
Barrow Sr. has even written a letter to New York Governor David Paterson requesting Shyne be officially pardoned for his conviction to avoid deportation - but admits he is still waiting to hear back from the politician.
He says, "Obviously all sorts of things are happening in the States and it is clear a move is afoot to deport him and it is also clear that he is seeking to resist that, but I am not sure where the legal processes are at this juncture."
"I have not had a response. I have spoken to people close to the Governor and I have been assured that the letter has been received and that it is under active consideration. But I can't say that I am able to call in any favours such that would guarantee that he is able to remain in the States."
Officials from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are expected to make a decision on Shyne's future later this week (begs12Oct09).