Review of Halo EP by Shuttle

American Nathan Donmoyer aka Shuttle releases his second EP 'Halo' on Ninja Tune that follows from his 'Tunnel' EP released in 2009. This latest EP shows a producer with enthusiasm regarding progressive sounds, fusing seemingly well-orchestrated tracks to create mood and depth to fit well with modern acts such as Pendulum. There is a broad range of influences from drum & bass, grime, techno and break beat. It creates a playful array of sounds that seem youthful. 'Halo' could be a popular track; however, I really liked 'Wake Up' which showed an edge that I was feeling for sure. Other tracks like 'Apple' and 'Whip' bring more examples of his passion for sampled and electronic music.

Shuttle Halo EP

Shuttle has created a nice EP that shows dexterity as a progressive artist who is sticking to his integrity but shows commercial appeal also. Not bad.

Tareck Ghoneim

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