DAME Shirley Bassey will never get over the tragic loss of her daughter - she is still adamant her death was suspicious.
The Big Spender veteran's daughter, Samantha, was found dead in 1985 after apparently plunging from Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England.
The official cause of death was given as suicide, but Bassey insists there is more to the tragedy, admitting her imagination "goes wild" over what happened to the 21 year old.
She says, "I never believed that (it was a suicide)... If she'd jumped off the bridge, all of her bones would have been broken. In fact, she did not have a mark on her. So if anything, I'm suspicious about her death. She didn't have any water in her lungs. If someone's drowning, they gasp, don't they?
"It's bothered me all this time. Because if she didn't have any bruises or broken bones, where did she fall? And if she didn't fall from the bridge... It's been with me all this time. My imagination goes wild. Detectives are telling me this, so why didn't they find that suspicious?"