Review of Exploited Album by Shir Khan

Review of Shir Khan's album Exploited

Shir Khan Exploited Album

Berliner Shir Khan is the head honcho at record label Exploited that is fast becoming a truly innovative and re-defining label. Anyone who's been to Berlin knows that it is a serious place in the world of electro music and this double CD highlights some of the talent from the label. We not only get a mix from Shir Khan, himself a renowned DJ and remixer, but an unmixed version for all DJ's wanting tunes from the label to mix themselves. MixMag recently named this as album of the month and quite rightly so.

'Exploited' is absolutely AMAZING!! My gosh this is serious dance music at it's most cutting edge with all the juice to really get you going. What's genius about it is that's it's totally fresh as well as combining subtle world influences that makes it leagues ahead of many mixes that I've heard recently. It's totally contemporary, innovative and has a serious chunky dirty feel that is essential for good electro music. There are loads of instrumental sounds that take you on an invigorating roller coaster ride back to your youth when you first listened to dance music with all the thrills and spills you so enjoyed about clubbing. It's heavy, exciting and special. The vocal elements are perfect for this kind of music. 'Hippychick' fits in perfect and big shout to Le Le's 'Breakfast'. A gem!

I have to say 'Exploited' is a joy to behold. If this is a reflection of the label then you really need to check these artists out featured here and I reckon they're on the money. Listening to this album it really got my groove back into why I like electro and the world elements show how cool Berlin really is. Also mass respect to Shir Khan! When you hear his mix you realise how king this guy is. He's a big bad tiger that is showing exactly what to do with his stripes and a fitting leader for what appears to be a serious label. Shir Khan I salute you!

Tareck Ghoneim

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