Review of You Are The One Single by Shiny Toy Guns

Shiny Toy Guns
You Are The One
Single Review

Shiny Toy Guns You Are The One Single

The first thirty seconds of the title track instantly brings to mind mid 80s electro goth, but rounds a corner into a synth-led version of the Killers. Despite the slightly derivitive nature, this is truly awesome stuff from the moment the vocals kick in.

A potent mix of male and female vocals, coupled with a suitably anthemic chorus shows that LA's Shiny Toy Guns have the potential to really make it big with material of this radio-friendly class.

Second track, Weather Girl is more electro fun, with Carah Faye Charnow's vocals lending a strange, stark Human League-esque quality to the proceedings.

Final track, I Promise You Walls, is a mellow, moody showcase for Carah's vocals, and shows that the Guns are more than a one trick pony. Synths wash over the ears with dark melancholia, and the choral qualities of the vocals blend perfectly.

Toy Guns they may be, but there's some truly killer stuff here. New music that's good? You'd better believe it.

Richard Edge

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