Shia LaBeouf is at it again with another unique and slightly strange real-life art project, this time aiming to hitchhike across America using Twitter.

The 29 year old is teaming up once more with his collaborators Nastja Ronkko and Luke Turner, along with Vice, to see where his adventures take him. He and his companions set off from Boulder, Colorado on May 23rd and, for one month, will go wherever anybody who wants to pick them up takes them.

Shia LaBeoufShia LaBeouf's #TAKEMEANYWHERE project will see him hitchhike across America

Using the hashtag #TAKEMEANYWHERE, they are documenting their travels on social media and a real-time interactive map, tweeting their GPS co-ordinates each time they are dropped off so that a new driver can pick them up.

The project was commissioned by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and The Finnish Institute in London, both of which will screen a special film of their travels once it is completed.

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Speaking to Vice ahead of the project, LaBeouf – who has made headlines over the last 18 months for a succession of bizarre living art project that have included riding in an elevator for 24 hours, wearing a paper bag over his head in an art installation, and sitting in a cinema for three days straight watching all of his own movies back to back – said that the aim of the trip is actually about making friends. “Hitchhiking is really the ultimate collab,” he said.

For the first leg of the journey, LaBeouf and his buddies didn’t go very far, going to Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, Colorado. A group of young men were the first to track him down, and the star treated them to a meal and spoke to them about the project.

Hitchhiking isn’t the safest of activities at the best of times, but is the actor afraid of getting hurt? After all, a perfect stranger recently punched another perfect stranger in the face just for looking like LaBeouf. “He said ‘I just don't think that's going to happen’,” one of the group told Time magazine this week. “He said people could be violent or crazy, but he's not worried about it.”

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