Shia LaBeouf has pulled what is known nowadays in showbusiness as a "Joaquin Phoenix," whereby one goes undercover, creating a series of provocative stunts to make the media believe that one's marbles have truly been lost then claiming it was all for art. The actor confused fans recently with a string of bizarre and out-of-the-blue incidents which included ripping off artist Daniel Clowes' work, apologising via a sky-writer, and a string of weird tweets over-apologising for his actions.

Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf Has Lifted The Lid On His Bizarre Actions Of Late.

Many probably assumed that LaBeouf, the former child star of Even Stevens, had simply gone off the rails a bit, as the Macaulay Culkins of the world have done before him. The media scratched its collective head and decided to laugh about the Transformer star's weird happenings. The chain of incidents seemingly ended a few weeks back with LaBeouf announcing that he was "retiring from all public life" after all the negative attention he was receiving.

Now Shia has lifted that metaphorical velvet curtain, letting us all in on the so-called "act." Via two tweets that have now been deleted, the actor explained that the "#stopcreating" hashtag that he used a lot as part of his apologies is the connective tissue for a project he's been working on in collaboration with artist Luke Turner, screenwriter David Ayer, and poet Kenneth Goldsmith.

Shia LaBeouf Lawless
The Actor Has Attempted To Explain HIs Actions Away As "Performance Art."

In the tweeted revelations, LaBeouf focusses on the subject of originality in art and explains that his plagiarism of graphic artist Daniel Clowes, which culminated in a short movie being shown at Sundance last year, was an exploration of "plagiarism in the digital age" as part of a "meta-modernist performance art" tethered by his social media presence.

"In the midst of being embroiled in acts of intended plagiarism, the world caught me & I reacted," the actor wrote, adding "the show began. I became completely absorbed, oblivious to things around me" and explaining that these action "freed [his] unconscious." LaBeouf explains his weird tweeting away as having "started a broad cultural discussion" and "addressed the world," via The Wrap.

Shia LaBeouf Wolf Wall Street
Shia Lays Out A Manisfesto, Presumably For Anyone Wanting To Follow In His Footsteps.

The actor points out that he "[risked his] public representative's skin to prove [his] platitudes" and "embarked on a journey full of the informed naivety of a magical realism." Shia then lays out a manifesto, detailing what is "Performance a#RT" and what "Performance a#RTists should do and be. After apologising for the confusion with a simple "I'm sorry," Shia signs off with "Berlin is a funeral.-shia."

Joaquin Phoenix
If You Think About It, Shia's Only Gone And Plagiarised Again By Pulling A "Joaquin Phoenix."

Commenters online have been quick to point out that even the "undercover crazy" idea wasn't even his, as actor Joaquin Phoenix became famous for having risked his public image in becoming a rapper for his 2009 mockumentary I'm Still Here. So does this mean we're all still in Shia's play and there'll be another big reveal telling us this new manifesto is all a joke? This is making our head hurt, can we get off now?

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