As if proof were needed that all things are indeed possible on the internet, the world has got a glimpse of Shia LaBeouf as the regenerating timelord Doctor Who. Yes, you did read that correctly.

Artist Brandon Bird has created thirteen portraits of the controversial Hollywood actor as every single one of the Doctors, and has put them up for sale as prints on his website. Bird made the completely fictional mash-up as a result of a challenge that he set himself last summer, having seen similar artwork at comic book conventions.

Put one of these originals on your wall and have Shia stare at you forever.

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Back in September 2014, he wondered aloud to his Twitter followers: “How angry would people be if I drew Shia LaBeouf dressed as The Doctor.” Having provoked a suitably mixed response, he followed that with: “That settles it, going to do a takeoff of the “every Doctor” poster every artist at a comic con does, but with Shia LaBeouf as each Doctor.”

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He told Mashable in an e-mail: “I've seen mashups go from being weird and unexpected to a kind of lazy 'thing you like + other thing you like' formula. So I liked the idea of flipping that around and doing 'thing lots of people love (Doctor Who) + thing a lot of people kind of hate (Shia LaBeouf).'”

Bird also revealed that he and LaBeouf used to be neighbours a long time ago – but that fact wasn’t actually germane to his inspiration for this bizarre project. “I was renting a cool loft space that I couldn't really afford and he bought a unit right down the hall,” he said. “He did a curtsey once to let me off the elevator.”

Doubtless this kind of thing is tantamount to sacrilege in the eyes of ‘Doctor Who’ fans, but… does anybody else kinda want to see this really happen? Not even a tiny bit of you?

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