Shia LaBeouf is known to behave rather bizarrely at times, but the oddest thing he may have ever done was getting himself arrested in June for drunkenly interrupting a performance of Broadway's 'Cabarat,' where he began "acting up" by smoking cigarettes inside the building and grabbing the butts of several actors.

Shia LaBeouf
LaBeouf explained the events leading up to his drunken arrest in June

However, several months have passed since this incident and the 28 year-old actor seems to understand the way he was acting wasn't exactly normal, but he did try to explain the events that led up to his arrest while appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' on Monday (Oct 13th).

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"You seem to have gone crazy since the last time I saw you," Kimmel said to LaBeouf, who jokingly replied, "It does seem that way, doesn't it?"

Unsurprisingly, when LaBeouf started to recall what had happened, he told the audience he was intoxicated and just returned from vacating in Ireland.

"So I land in New York coming back from Ireland, where I'm visiting my girl. In Ireland you drink whiskey, so I'd been drinking a lot of whiskey," the 'Lawless' actor said. "It's the World Cup, so I'm sitting at a bar, and I'm drinking a lot of whiskey."

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While enjoying a few beverages alone, LaBeouf said: "this dude comes up and says he's a big fan, he says, 'What you doing tonight?' and I say, 'I'm looking to turn it up a bit, trying to have a good time, what's going on?' He says, 'Why don't you come to my show, I'm a dancer in this Cabaret show.'"

Shia admitted to drinking a lot of whiskey beforehand

As the talented star made his way to the theatre, he admitted that "the drunk is really starting to kick in," and after buying some old ladies whiskeys while feeding a strawberry to another, LaBeuf decided to light a cigarette because he saw the show's star Alan Cumming on stage, smoking.

"He's smoking a cigarette, so I think, 'Oh, it's that kind of party, I want to have a cigarette too,'" he told Kimmel, revealing this is what attracted the attention form the security.