ARMAGEDDON star OWEN WILSON still regrets not taking his romance with Sheryl Crow more seriously, but he fears the fact they were both celebrities was ultimately what wrecked their relationship.

His romance with the rocker remains one of Wilson's longest and he often wishes he had worked harder at it.

He tells men's magazine Playboy, "Going out with someone who's doing the same thing as you, who's in the public eye, can be a problem... You want a break when you come home. You don't want someone with the same issues as you maybe reminding you of stuff you don't like in yourself.

"That being said, I don't think being in the spotlight had anything to do with me and Sheryl not working out. The story of our relationship is the same story I've had with most of my relationships.

"I was lucky enough to find a great girl, and because of my lack of... focus, the relationship went south."

13/06/2005 21:31