Sheryl Crow has cried over cruel comments on Twitter.

The nine-time Grammy award winner admits she isn't an avid user of the social networking site and she often gets emotional when she stumbles across the ''hatred'' written by internet trolls.

Sheryl explained: ''I had a song come out - it was in reference to a Hank Williams tribute record - and somebody blogged that it sounded like someone being raped in an open field.

''It was so heinous. I sobbed. I never read that stuff, but I happened to catch that one thing. And I sobbed- and it wasn't event what he said. It was the hatred.''

The 51 -year-old singer claims social networking sites have made it easier for ''haters'' to verbally abuse people online because they are able to seek anonymity behind their computer.

She added: ''We've given everybody the opportunity to have an anonymous platform. We've given them momentum - and a community which to associate. It used to be that if you were like that, you might be an outsider. Now everybody has found their people - haters.''

Meanwhile, Sheryl admits she has the tendency to attract deranged fans, including a woman who accused the 'All I Wanna Do' singer of stealing her identity.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph newspaper, she recalled: ''I've had to testify against people. I had one guy commit suicide. It's really difficult I've attracted people who are very ah, challenged.

''I had a woman who moved to my hometown who said that somebody had stolen her identity and that she was me.''