Sheridan Smith says her son is the ''best thing'' to happen to her.

The 'Cilla' star and her fiancé Jamie Horn welcomed their son Billy into the world three months ago, and Sheridan has said she was ''looking for things in the wrong places'' before she became a mother, as everything fell into place once Billy was born.

She gushed: ''He's just the cutest thing. When you look at him, when you look at your baby in the eyes and that unconditional love, it's a bond like no other and I don't know, maybe I've been looking for things in the wrong places all of my life?

''Now this little boy is what makes me want to be the best mum and make him proud. He's just amazing.

''He's smiling now, which is just the best thing in the world, because it's like, 'You love me back!' ''

Sheridan has been opening up recently about her battle with her mental health, and also heaped praise on her beau Jamie for knowing how to ''calm [her] down'' when she starts to get anxious.

She added: ''It's often hard and partly overlooked on the family and friends of people suffering with mental health, and Jamie had never experienced it before but was reading up on it and now knows me better than I know myself.

''He can see if I'm getting anxious, like this morning before doing this, and he just knows how to calm me down and talk me off the ledge a bit, just keeps me calm, so it's just amazing that I've got such support in him.

''I never saw myself having a child to be honest, until I met Jamie and now, oh my goodness, it's the best thing in the world!''

The 39-year-old actress detailed her struggles in her ITV documentary 'Sheridan Smith: Becoming Mum', and has also admitted she was worried her mental health woes would impact her ability to be a good mum to Billy.

Speaking during an appearance on 'This Morning' on Tuesday (01.09.20), she explained: ''I think when you've had mental health issues in the past you worry that it's going to appear again suddenly in pregnancy and I think that was most women's response to the tweet I put out.

''And I didn't know what was out there and you always feel quite ashamed to say it, especially when you're pregnant, I think, when you're going to be a mum.

''You feel like a bad mum. How can you be having these thoughts? And so we went on this journey and met the most amazing people.

''At this charity in Derbyshire called Ripples, where women volunteer to help women who leave hospital who need extra help.

''So many people are out there that really want to help, but it's such a scary thing to ask for help.''