British actress Sheridan Smith has lashed on Twitter against the producers of her new theatre comedy ‘Funny Girl’, saying that they have made her feel “pressured” to return to the stage despite her father recently being diagnosed with cancer.

The 34 year old actress was forced to cancel Tuesday night’s performance of the production, revealing her father Colin’s severe diagnosis in the process, and has since hit out at the show’s producers alleging that she’s being hustled back into performing too quickly.

Sheridan SmithSheridan Smith says that 'Funny Girl' musical's producers have "pressured" her into performing

“You have no idea what I'm getting pressured into. They don't give a f*** about my dad!” she told a fan on Twitter on Wednesday (March 2nd), in a post she’s now deleted. In addition, she’s also temporarily made her Twitter account private.

According to The Sun, she might also have made the decision to quit the production altogether, apparently following that up with another now-deleted tweet reading “Decision made! Bye,” before adding: “Unless I get enough money to look after my dad.”

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The same day, a spokesperson for ‘Funny Girl’ moved to deny the implications in Smith’s post, saying: “Our priority at this time is to Sheridan and her family. Sheridan's primary concern is quite rightly her father's wellbeing, and we support her wholeheartedly.”

“We would never ask nor expect an artist to perform in this situation, and ask that you respect her and her family's privacy at this time.”

The ‘Cilla’ star has suffered similar tragedy in her family before, with her brother Julian passing away from cancer when she was just eight years old. Playing real-life breast cancer victim Lisa Lynch in TV drama ‘The C Word’, she said back in 2014: “Of course I've been affected by my brother's death… it makes me value life, cherish my loved ones and be grateful for every day I have with them.”

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