Powder Room is a neon-lit, booze-soaked revelation into what goes on in the lives of women when no one is looking in a story set, as you may have guessed, mostly in a nightclub restroom. Or so the trailer would have us believe, at least. The film, based on the appropriately titled play When Women Wee, by Rachel Hirons, takes place within a single club in the space of one night.

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It tells the story of bored with life Sam, who spends days working and her nights, much like the current one – out at one questionable venue or another with a gaggle of shot-downing friends. A revelation comes to her on this particular night, when she has a chance encounter with old friend Michelle, who is now engaged and leads a dream life, full of glitz and glamour in Paris. Unlike Sam, Michelle is thoroughly underwhelmed by the particular club and makes her friend question her own judgement and standards.

Sheridan Smith, Ivy Club
Sheridan Smith stars in the raunchy comedy.

Sheridan Smith stars in this raunchy comedy. The movie, directed by first timer M. J. Delaney tracks Sam’s change of identity throughout the night, as she meets and interacts with various women in the club restroom. At some point, Sam introduces herself as Michelle and she is forced to keep pretending to be her glamorous friend throughout the night. It is the latest in a few female-driven movies this year, as production companies seem to realise that, yes, women’s lives can make for interesting, watchable films. Powder Room (a somewhat ironic title) is out in the UK on 29th November.

Kate Nash, Fashion Monitor Journalism Awards
Kate Nash takes on the role of Michelle.