It took a lot not to sneer at the trailer for Unfriended. Surely just another low-budget, hammy, opportunist horror flick looking to hose up the undecided cinemagoers and make a quick buck. Yet, the critical reaction to Levan Gabriadze's movie has been intriguingly positive.

UnfriendedUnfriended has scored reasonably good reviews from critics

It tells the story of a group of online chat room friends who find themselves haunted by a mysterious, supernatural force using the account of their dead friend.

"The main achievement of this gimmicky horror is that it manages to hit all of the essential scary movie beats as the story unfolds in real time on a computer screen..." said our very own Rich Cline.

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"As a way of tackling the dark and disturbing side of social networking, this is a fair effort, with the cautionary aspect of bullying having consequences coming across effectively," wrote Angie Errigo of The List.

"Even with an 82-minute running time, cracks start to show. One of the key problems with the script is that every single character is so utterly obnoxious and morally bankrupt that you start to relish their increasingly nasty deaths," said Ben Lee of the Guardian.

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"Perhaps director Gabriadze and writer Nelson Greaves intended to create a Social Media "Scream" and a commentary on cyber-bullying, but "Unfriended" comes across as disdainful of millennials," said Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Still, it could be that Unfriended tops the UK box-office this weekend, with only the period drama Far From The Madding Crowd (Carey Mulligan, Michael Sheen) to contend with.

Watch the trailer for Unfriended: