Review of Revival EP by She Keeps Bees

Review of She Keeps Bees EP Revival

She Keeps Bees Revival EP

She Keeps Bees are a two piece from Brooklyn who consists of a set of drums, guitar and the lungs of Jessica Larrabee. They are nice and simple nothing to complicated; they are like the Ting Tings but not commercial and twice as talented. The group have been around for a number of years and have released two albums.

'Revival' is the new EP to come from She Keeps Bees, which is a four track compilation. The opening track 'Gimmie' is a Soul filled track which you can feel the intensity around it and live this tune is probably immense. Sadly however 'Release' just passes you by and 'Pile Up' is not up to the same standard as 'Gimmie'. The last track on the EP is 'Revival' a dark track with no life to it what so ever, 'Revival' reaches to the pit of your stomach.

There are a lot of bands like this that musically are on top of their game in a massive way, but because the music is not in that 'commercial' bracket, then people don't seem to give them a chance.


Mark Moore

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