Review of Nests Album by She Keeps Bees

Nests album review from She Keeps Bees.

She Keeps Bees Nests Album

She Keeps Bees are an unsigned band from Brooklyn and Nest is their second album. The two piece is fronted by Vocalist Jessica Larrabee who sounds like a mix of Janis Joplin and Patti Smith bellowing out Cat Powers Chan Marshall whilst the guitar and drums keep things sounding heavy.

An easy comparison would be to call She Keeps Bees as a female fronted edgier and thicker sounding White Stripes, it’s got some very sexy sleek moments and at other points you can’t help but think this confessional style of music is what Kristin Hersh is trying to create.

She Keeps Bees have got the knack of writing sparse sounding instrumentation but keeping the songs sounding complete. In some parts the album isn’t an easy listen but once you’re in to it, it’s very rewarding. Comparisons to Cat Power will be thrown about and it’s a fair assessment but Nests has some fantastic moments and surpasses a lot of Cat Powers songs.


Mike Rea

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