In the wake of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s tragic death, another actor – Desperate Housewives’ Shawn Pyfrom has come out with a confession about his own addiction, in hopes of reaching others and spreading information. In a blog post on his tumblr, the actor who played Bree Van De Kamp’s eldest son on the tv drama, recalls his own experiences and concludes that drugs “will steal your life away from you.”

Shawn Pyfrom
Pyfrom has left his party days behind.

The actor says he’s sharing the history of his addiction against the advice of others, but that he “won’t allow [his] selfish needs to get in the way of potentially reaching another human being’s life.”

Pyfrom says he’s been clean and sober for five months now – not that long on the scale of his addiction, but the longest period he’s been off since starting, Pyfrom says. And as for his advice on drugs – don’t even try it, kids: “Anytime a person uses drugs, they are taking the chance that their life will be taken from them. whether they steal your breath, or rob one last beat from your heart - that is left to fate. but they will steal your life from you. whether you are the occasional user, or someone that uses every day. every moment spent using drugs (alcohol included) is a moment stolen from your life.”

Shawn Pyfrom
The actor hopes his message can help others.

Even those drugs that supposedly enhance experiences and creative ability are not worth the risk, Pyfrom says. “Some people could argue that drugs have provided some of the most memorable, creative artists this planet has ever experienced. jimi hendrix, kurt cobain…the list goes on. but drugs also took their lives away,” he writes. As for his own experience, “I would have much rather lived the moments that i lost; and seen what would have come, creatively, as a result of that.”

Since posting the open letter, Pyfrom has received messages of love and support from fans and recovering addicts.