Shaun White was charged with vandalism after an employee at a Nashville hotel saw him break a phone there, according to a police report. The two time Olympic gold medallist snowboarder was given the opportunity to sign a misdemeanour citation and refused, reports ABC News. He is charged with vandalism of $500 or less. Lowe's Vanderbilt Hotel manager Tom Negri said Monday in a statement that the hotel is committed to the safety and confidentiality of its guests. The statement didn't identify White and referred all questions to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. TMZ also reports that his alleged drunken behaviour resulted in him falling over and splitting his head open, an accident, which has seen him admitted to hospital. Police have revealed that Shaun was arrested for public intoxication and vandalism, but will only be taken to jail once he is treated. White was under intense speculation after the London 2012 Olympic games, even though he didn’t set foot on the slopes. No, his performance was for the media as he sat in the stands, flaunting his date for the event, Bar Refaeli, doing little to diffuse the rumours that suggest the pair are dating. White is considered to be the best snowboarder of all time, and has released video games, as well sealing multiple sponsorship deals with energy drinks and skate parks.