Shaun Ryder has been left in agonising pain from two cysts on his testicles.

The Happy Mondays frontman revealed that he has been taken painkillers to cope with the discomfort but insists that he has been given the all-clear after undergoing cancer tests.

He is quoted by The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column as saying: "I had one, now I've got f***ing two, and they are an absolute pain. I just keep taking the tablets and painkillers as they are hitting the nerves in my b****ks.

"They did the cancer tests – I got the all-clear."

Shaun compared the pain to having toothache in a sensitive area and regrets not having the cysts removed before lockdown.

The 58-year-old musician said: "It's like having really bad toothache in your balls. I can have the growth chucked out but I should've gone before lockdown."

Shaun previously claimed that his medication was improving his libido and quipped that he felt as if he was 21 again.

He said: "I’m probably on more drugs today than in the Happy Mondays heyday.

"I’m on thyroxine, which is for my under-active thyroid. I’m on blood pressure pills. I’m on testosterone replacement.

"The thyroid affects everything - allergies and all sorts. I mean, if I don’t take these pills for the allergies, I can’t breathe. It’d be like an ­anaphylactic shock. Me throat goes tight and everything. I’m riddled with arthritis, too.

"But my wife is well satisfied with the testosterone treatment as all that went at the end of me 40s, so I’ve been on it for about 12 years now.

"So, yeah, it was like being 21, but without all the headaches of what goes with being 21."