Shaun Ryder claims he could've been a household name in Hollywood.

The Happy Mondays star appeared in 1998's 'The Avengers' as Donavan alongside the likes of Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman, but he screwed up his chances of becoming a big movie star when he told someone on set he thought the film was ''pretty s**t''.

Shaun is quoted by The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column as saying: ''I had Hollywood and I blew it.

''My first ever movie was me and Eddie Izzard in this f***ing blockbuster and my first movie was with f***ing Sean Connery, Uma Thurman, Ralph Fiennes.

''Me and Eddie played these two baddies and I totally blew my career.

''I was completely cut from the film, apart from two little bits, because basically I didn't know how to play the Hollywood game.

''I got asked, 'What do you think of the film?' And I said, 'It's pretty s**t'.''

The 'Step On' hitmaker was addled on drugs at the time, which didn't help matters.

He added: ''They paid me pretty well for that and then I turned round and dissed the film, so no wonder.

''But I was young, dumb and full of a multiple selection of drugs.''

Meanwhile, the 57-year-old star recently claimed fans try to sell him drugs all the time.

The Manchester legend hasn't touched alcohol or drugs for more than a decade, but that hasn't stopped people trying to give him ''a line of cocaine'', even when he's down his local shop.

He said: ''There are people who think I am just at it.

''I am always getting stopped. 'Do you want a line? Don't you want an E?'

''I mean, fella. I am nearly 60. But knock yourself out.

''It's even happened at the shop.''

Shaun added that he finds it ''amusing'', and even admitted he would much rather talk about getting high than make music.

He said: ''Most nights can be really boring with what music we write songs in.

'''Is it the E or B minor key?'

''That is really f***ing boring.

''I'll just talk about me and drugs.''