Sharon Van Etten has gone from making her acting debut to making her soundtrack debut as it's announced that she is doing the original score for the forthcoming drama film 'Strange Weather'. It's coming this summer and follows a mother's journey of grief and a search for forgiveness.

Sharon Van Etten scores 'Strange Weather'Sharon Van Etten scores 'Strange Weather'

The 36-year-old New Jersey singer couldn't be more thrilled to get to work with writer and director Katherine Deickmann, who directed 2009's 'Motherhood' starring Uma Thurman. It's her first venture into soundtracking and she couldn't have had a better partner.

'I couldn't have asked for a better collaborator on my first score than Katherine Deickmann, the writer/director herself', Sharon said. 'She walked me through every scene. She clearly referenced her favorite music for me to conjure my own energy, and she was patient and sensitive to my process. Katherine is an artist, and she spoke to me like an artist. She taught me a lot about writing to film and how to enhance the scene and emphasize the emotions conveyed (or beneath the surface). I hope to get to work with her again.'

The film stars Holly Hunter, Carrie Coon, Kim Coates and Glenne Headly. It follows a mother named Darcy Baylor who is in mourning over the death of her son and decides to set out on a road trip in the deep south to seek justice and redemption. The movie was part of the Official Selection at Toronto International Film Festival, as well as Hamptons International and Provincetown International.

Last year, Sharon Van Etten made her acting debut in the Netflix series 'The OA' as Rachel, and this year she appeared as a performer in an episode of 'Twin Peaks' following its revival where she played her song 'Tarifa' from her 2014 album 'Are We There'. 

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'Strange Weather' is set to be released in movie theatres on July 28th 2017.