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Lindsay Lohan Causes Controversy After Dressing As Sharon Tate On Charles Manson's Birthday

Lindsay Lohan has caused controversy on Instagram, after posting a picture of herself dressed as murdered actress Sharon Tate. The Mean Girls star had picked an unfortunate day to pay tribute to the late actress,...

George Lazenby Had Charles Manson Near-miss

The Bond star was dating actress Jill St. John at the time, when the couple was invited to a social gathering at screen star Sharon Tate's home in Los Angeles by a mutual...

Roman Polanski Writes Foreword To New Book About Tragic Sharon Tate

Director Roman Polanski has revisited the murder of his wife Sharon Tate by penning the introduction for a new book about her life.Actress Tate was just 26 when she and her unborn child were killed...

Joss Stone Plot Perpetrator Jailed For 18 Years

In 2011, Joss Stone was the target of two men who intended to rob and kill her at her home in county Devon, UK. Kevin Liverpool was sentenced in April 2013, whilst the sentencing for...

Tate Murderer Dies In Prison

Actress SHARON TATE's murderer SUSAN ATKINS has died from brain cancer in a California prison, just weeks after she was rejected parole.Atkins, a member of Charles Manson's notorious cult, died at the age of 61...

Tate Killer Atkins Fights For Freedom

The woman who killed actress SHARON TATE will learn if she is to be set free from prison by the end of the week (ends04Sep09).A parole board in Chowchilla, California met on Wednesday (02Sep09) to...

Nine Inch Nails Recorded In Manson House Of Horror

NINE INCH NAILS recorded their lauded album THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL in the house where the infamous CHARLES MANSON killings took place - but only selected the venue for convenience. The cult band insist they...

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