Actress Sharon Stone urged women to become involved in the peace talks in the Middle East yesterday (08MAR06). The CASINO actress, who turns 48 tomorrow (10MAR06), flew to Israel on Tuesday (07MAR06) for a five-day trip sponsored by the Peres Center for Peace, which aims to bring Arabs and Jews together. Speaking on International Women's Day yesterday, Stone said, "I would kiss just about anybody for peace in the Middle East! "I think (men and women) need to be a team. We were meant to be a team. "The most wonderful thing that has happened is that women found freedom, but what do we do with it? Are we women in our freedom? We didn't ask for freedom to become men, but to aid them with our feminine instinct. "That is the same instinct, that allows us to do six things at the same time while also looking for the mustard. "It's time for women to be part of negotiations, because they have a different language. Imagine I was considering going to war, let's discuss, let's consider the other angles.'"