Sharon Stone was thrilled she coped with her physically demanding role in the new CATWOMAN movie - just three years after a stroke left her partially paralysed.

The actress suffered a stroke in September 2001 which left her bleeding into her brain for 11 days.

At the time the media was told that the haemorrhage was minor to save intrusion, but in truth the BASIC INSTINCT star was partially paralysed and left to conquer a speech impediment.

Stone says, "In the beginning, I lost all my physical endurance, all of it. I lost the feeling of my left leg to my knee for eight months."

"To be making Catwoman and doing all the physically demanding stuff - hanging from one arm half-naked on my full body weight till three in the morning - that was a big walk back for me.

"I feel emotional talking about it. I'm just ready for that stage in my life to be done."

10/08/2004 21:14