Sharon Stone has been bombarded with so many bad chat-up lines over the years, she's eyeing the option of writing a book filled with all of the quips.

The thrice-divorced BASIC INSTINCT star admits some of the lines she's found the most ridiculous have ended up luring her in at some point.

She says, "I actually thought about writing a book (containing) every line I've ever heard in my life. Oh cripes, the stuff that people say to you.

"Basically like, they'll just walk right up say they wanna sleep with you, some of them. Or they walk right up and they say just the dumbest stuff to you in the world where you just wanna hit 'em, or they say the line that you've heard like 100,000 times, or, 'You've always seemed like a sister to me.' And then you think, 'Really? You sleep with your sister a lot? Ewww!'"

Stone "sadly" admits that the sister line has actually worked on her a few times.

07/08/2005 21:31