Sharon Stone attacked Basic Instinct director Paul Verhoeven the first time she saw the racy sex thriller - after she saw her vagina on the big screen. The actress admits she was horrified with the scene because she had no idea the movie-maker would actually show her bare genitals in the famous leg-crossing interrogation scene. She recalls, "I knew that we were going to do this leg crossing thing and I knew that we were going to allude to the concept that I was nude, but I did not think that you would see my vagina in the scene. "Later, when I saw it in the screening I was shocked. I think seeing it in a room full of strangers was so disrespectful (to me) and so shocking, so I went into the booth and slapped him (Verhoeven) and left." Stone insists her role as killer CATHERINE TRAMELL became iconic because she performed the part well, not because she flashed her genitals. She adds, "I don't think that it (the film) moved my career because you could see up my dress. I think that it moved my career because I'm good in the movie."