Sharon Osbourne would "always find a way" around her extreme diets.

The 71-year-old star has admitted using the controversial drug Ozempic to lose 42 pounds in recent times but revealed that she had tried "everything" she could to lose weight before taking the jab, but she would always cave and at one point was eating "two pints of ice cream" a day.

She told Woman Magazine: "Everybody was doing it [taking Ozempic] and I'm like, 'Well I'll have some!' And you lose weight. It does what it says on the syringe. I've had a gastric band and I had what they call the sleeve.

"I've had everything. [But] you find ways to eat around it. I'd have two pints of ice cream a day."

The former 'X Factor' judge has stopped using Ozempic - which is a brand name for Semaglutide, an antidiabetic medication initially intended for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes - has struggled to put any weight back on and admitted that is probably because of her age but admitted that her inability to put anything back on is also a mystery to doctors.

She said: "I don't know. The doctors can't figure it out. But I think it's just because I'm getting older and as you get older you lose weight anyway and shrink and shrivel off.

Asked to describe her relationship with food, she said: "Crazy. I'm upset, I eat, I'm happy,I eat."

Sharon is also known for being open and honest about having a number cosmetic procedures over the years but insisted that after a particularly bad experience last time, she is done with going under the knife.

She said: "I was in, there's so many beautiful women. So I just thought, 'I'm 40, I'm going to go for it.'

[I've had] probably about 12. The last one I had went horribly wrong. I'd gone in for a facelift and it was terrible. I came out looking worse;

they'd done something to my nose and lip and it was black and one of my eyes was higher than the other one. I had to go back in and they tried to put it right. God was telling me, 'Enough now.'"