It's been a month since Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne appeared to go their separate ways after the latter's alleged affair with an LA hair stylist, but things have gone a little quiet since then. And with Sharon supporting Black Sabbath at Download Festival, does this mean their relationship is on the mend?

Sharon OsbourneSharon Osbourne supports her husband

Sharon looked positively glowing with pride as she watched her allegedly adulterous husband perform with his band Black Sabbath at Download Festival in Donnington, Leicestershire on Saturday (June 11th 2016), sparking rumours that their 34-year-long marriage may not be as over as everyone thinks. 

The pair split last month when Sharon confronted Ozzy about his affair and subsequently kicked him out of their Beverly Hills home. It's believed that Ozzy later returned to the mansion, with Sharon deciding to leave instead. To make matters worse, the couple were 'forced' to reunite just days later to promote Ozzfest Meets Knotfest; a collaborative festival event between Black Sabbath and Slipknot. After all, Sharon is still Ozzy's manager and therefore has a responsibility to him and his music.

Many people, understandably, are accusing the couple of orchestrating the whole thing in a bid to promote Ozzy's final tour with Black Sabbath, suggesting that the couple aren't really splitting at all. Indeed, it does all seem rather convenient. What better way to rope in the reporters to your press conference than enticing them with the potential break-up of one of showbiz's longest marriages? Sharon and Ozzy even shared a car when they arrived at and left the conference. One Direction have been known to take separate vehicles to events at their most solid, so it does seem rather suspicious that they are journeying together while they're certainly not expected to. 

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There is also the fact that Sharon really didn't seem reluctant at all to talk about her personal situation, despite the rawness of it, when she returned to 'The Talk', and the whole thing appeared to come soon after the media reacted with shock at how blase she seemed relaying the times when she would find Ozzy in bed with the children's nannies at the height of his drug-taking.

Not to mention the rather tongue-in-cheek references to Beyonce's 'Lemonade' album; an album filled with suggestions that Bey's marriage was in trouble because of Jay-Z's infidelity, and a career move that suspiciously propelled her to the headlines for weeks afterwards. When Sharon returned to 'The Talk' after the row, she was drinking lemonade and daughter Kelly Osbourne also made reference to the beverage following the 'split'.

The couple have denied the possibility that it is all a publicity stunt, however.