The women of the roundtable TV series were discussing actress and new mum Hayden Panettiere's decision to check into a treatment centre to seek help for postpartum depression, and Sharon supported the young actress' decision to get help, launching into a candid confession about her own troubles with the illness.

"I did suffer from it with one of my pregnancies, but I was suffering from depression anyways," the mother of three admitted. "The depression is so dark, you feel like you're in a black fog the whole time and you just cannot cope. And you get to a point where you don't realise what you've got with the baby and you're just so dark and distraught and alone and it's the loneliest feeling in the world."

Sharon grew emotional as she insisted she never got to the point where she wanted to hurt her babies like some new mums, but she had the added pressure of raising a newborn by herself as her rocker husband Ozzy Osbourne went on tour.

"My husband was away for six weeks after I gave birth, so I was on my own," Sharon said through her tears. "My paediatrician knew I was having trouble and he helped me. But it's the loneliest place in the world. Horrible."

She went on to say the biggest hardship was trying to keep her depression at bay, but all the while feel happy and grateful for a new addition to the family.

"You've got this gift from God and it's a magnificent thing, the best thing in your life, but you cannot enjoy this," Sharon said. "You feel inadequate to be a mother. You feel like, 'I'm no good, I don't deserve this. I can't cope.'"

When asked by her co-host Julie Chen how long the postpartum depression lasted, Sharon was unable to get the words out, and simply nodded to agree it was a long time.