Sharon Osbourne is only doing five days in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house so she can get back to caring for her Parkinson’s-battling husband Ozzy Osbourne.

The ex-music manager, 71, is raking in £100,000-a-day for her pre-agreed brief appearance on the ITV reality show, and as part of her deal is sleeping in a separate room from the rest of her famous housemates, who include her former fellow ‘X Factor’ judge Louis Walsh.

She was quoted by The Sun saying about her short stay being down to the condition of Ozzy, 75, who has Parkinson’s and is still in recovery from a series of agonising back surgeries: “I don’t want to stay away from Ozzy for too long. We’re so close as a family.

“I don’t think I have ever gone a week without talking to any of them, ever – through fights, feuds, everything.

"We still talk and this will definitely be the longest. I don’t know how I’m going to cope.”

Sharon also revealed she no longer talks to her former “close friend” and ex-‘X Factor’ boss Simon Cowell, 64, branding him “snooty”.

When asked on ‘CBB’, which started on Monday (04.03.24) night if Simon had been in touch with her or Louis, 71, before they joined the show, Sharon revealed: “He would not call Louis or I. He is very, what’s the word? Snotty. Simon just is.

“He has his little posse around him, the same people he’s had for years, and that’s who he talks to.

“He’s not really one of these guys who’ll be like, ‘Hey, great. You’ve given us a call. How are you doing? Yada, yada, yada’. He’s not one of those ‘checking in’ friends that see if you’re doing OK.

“We were, in the beginning, the three of us, really close friends. But then he kind of left our group and went on.

“But no, he’s weird as far as friends go, very, very closed off.”