Sharon Osbourne has denied being drunk on Sunday night’s ‘X Factor’ after she forgot the name of her act Saara Aalto.

As Alto was about to sing to keep her place in the competition, Osbourne blanked on the Finnish singer’s name, having to ask fellow judge Louis Walsh.

Sharon OsbourneSharon Osbourne has denied being drunk on the 'X Factor'

Appearing on ‘Good Morning Britain’ with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, Osbourne insisted she's “just terrible with names".

When Morgan asked her, “have you got a clue what is going on in this show?”. Osbourne replied: “Behave, you know what it is, I'm terrible with names. I am the worst with names.”

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“Maybe if I had of had a drink I'd be better with people's names, I should try drinking,” Osbourne then joked.  

“Each week they keep saying she’s on the bottle. Yeah the milk bottle maybe.”

“I was thinking about something else. I wish I could come up with a better excuse,” she continued.

“I was thinking about songs, and I wondered what that juke box is going to land on, what are we going to do next week and then I'm like 'oh she's in the bottom two again' and all of this is going on in my head and then they go 'it's you it's you' and 'I'm like what? What am I doing?'".

When Reid then asked Osbourne about the suggestion she might have been drinking, the ‘X Factor’ judge said: “As far as names I am the worst in the world."

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“My head is in another country, I think I was in Lapland actually. Absolutely not drinking.”

Addressing the cameras, she then added: “Listen trolls on twitter I have seen too many careers destroyed, family members destroyed from alcohol, this Mrs ain't going there.”