Sharon Osbourne and her ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ co-star Louis Walsh say they have stories so shocking on Simon Cowell he will “need more Botox”.

The pair of former ‘X Factor’ judges, who are starring the ITV reality show, spent years working with music mogul Simon, 64, on the talent series, have teased they have jaw-dropping tales on him.

Sharon, 71, who is getting paid a rumoured £500,000 for her appearance on the show, said: “There will be lots of stories – he’s going to need more Botox after we finish with him.

“There are just so many things, conversations, something else will come to the front of your mind and you think, ‘Oh God, I forgot about that’, or, ‘What about the time that… .’”

Simon recently denied having a facelift but has confessed to going overboard with Botox in the past.

Louis, 71, added his friends have warned him to be discreet on ‘CBB’ – but admitted he may struggle to stay tight-lipped when it comes to talking about his old friend and former ‘X Factor’ boss Simon.

He said: “I’ve always had a fantastic time with him. I wouldn’t be here but for him.

“But I’ll gossip as much as I can about him, as often as I can… as safely as I can.

“But we’re going to be on mic, so we can’t talk that much about everything we know!”

Simon did not get in touch with Louis or Sharon before they went on ITV’s ‘CBB’, with Louis saying: “No, it’s all about him. Simon lives in this bubble and it’s all about him. It’s fine. I accept that. That’s just the way he is.

“We spoke a few months ago, I just rang him to have a chat and he was the same as ever.

“I love him. I think the world of him, I really do. I know his faults. I know he’s not perfect. He wears stupid clothes, stupid haircut, new faces… his face has changed so much.

“He brings energy to a room, brings something, I don’t know what it is. It’s not like he’s Einstein or anything. But he’s good. He’s good with music and stuff.”